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Message from the Galactic Council

New Moon of Aquarius


We of the Galactic Council overseeing the planet Earth are continually assessing the entire situation of Earth’s condition and its progress toward its ascended state of development and its purpose in the galactic community.


It is our awareness that this is indeed a special planet for the entire life of this and other galaxies which will be evident within the next few years.  And it is our privilege and responsibility to ensure that this ascension is satisfactorily achieved within the next several months.


In the coming months of increasing ascension it is a time for the creation of the ascended space life of this planet which is a needed development for the greater life of this planet as it continues on its path of intergalactic ascended life and purpose.


The entire intergalactic community is anticipating the ascension of this planet to become its contributing member of unique and destined ascended life which is central to the ascension of all galactic life.


Ascended life is the mastery of all life forces and the perfection of the living creation systems which are evolving to their fullest potentials and expressions.  These include the many aspects and potentials of ascended space life.


Ascended space life mastery includes the potentials of the planet’s ascended space life system and its extension into the cosmic and galactic space life systems for the benefit of all space life.


As this is evolving it is empowering the planetary space life and its participants to be increasing masterful as they are engaging in their space life endeavors.


The ascension of all life is the destiny and the prerogative of all life, and it is beginning as a destined development throughout this planet Earth.