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History of the Universal Cities:

 In the late 1970's a woman who had been a member of the Findhorn
Community in Scotland was guided to "find the rock shaped like a
pyramid" near Mount Shasta. Having easily recognized Pilot Rock, she
was then guided to found a nonprofit Light Center and acquire 360
acres in the Colestin Valley. This was named Alcyone Light
Center. It is the Mother Center Universal City of Creation
dedicated to evolving the new Universal Life System of Creation.
 Subsequently, over 1100 extra-terrestrial forces were anchored into
the Earth grid on the property. Now The Mother Center is creating
the nucleus of The Universal Life Matrix and evolving to create Her
external, physical Universal Life City. All Lightworkers
are invited to participate.


 The MOTHER UNIVERSE is now the primary sacred power of Earth's
community life, and is accelerating the evolution of Her
interdimensional/multidimensional planetary system of creation.  This is the time for all light workers to unite as one body of planetary servers creating the Mother Universal Life Form Organism of the new Universal Creation Civilization.  This united organism is the microcosm nucleus of creation for the ongoing new civilization and the planetary Starseed of Earth's Universal Life Family.

Others who are entering the Earth's planetary life now are helpers who are extending their advanced lifeforces to prepare the Earth for interstellar life and Universal Life Creation.  These are very advanced forces of creation who are about to unleash Their holistic life forces to purify all that exists within the Earth's planetary field, and establish the new creation civilization on Earth.  The new civilization will appear overnight along with several extraterrestrial harbingers of Earth's interstellar community of life.


Our planet has the destiny of becoming the nucleus of an entirely new
multidimensional Universe of pure living creation.  This destiny is already fixed in the causal dimensions of Being, and is now becoming reality throughout the planet's entire multidimensional structure.  As She evolves, the planet is developing an entirely new consciousness, energy and multidimensional life.  This life is about to spread to other planets, stars and galaxies--to give them the new Universal Life.
 As this process of evolution continues, it is creating the new
planetary/extra-planetary system of multidimensional civilizations
throughout the planet and beyond.  The nuclei of the new civilizations are Universal Cities created by the creators and creatrixes who have come to this planet now to begin creating the new Universe.

Universal Cities
 The system of Universal Cities is now beginning to be created by the
creators/creatrixes who have come to this planet to create them.
 The first two Universal Cities are located near Mount Shasta and on Maui.

Mount Shasta - The Mother Center

The Universal City near Mount Shasta is The Mother Center of the system of Universal Cities.  She is already functioning and is ready for the creation of Her physical community.

Heart of Creation Center--Universal City on Maui

The Universal City on Maui is the Heart of Creation Center containing the Life Essence Source within the Matrix of Universal Creation.  This Universal City is preparing to become a physical community


 The Mother Center is the nucleus of the Universal Life Centers of Creation in the Planetary-Galactic-Universal System.  She is the Infinite Source of Creation and Evolution for each Center of Creation throughout Earth's network of Planetary-Galactic-Universal Creation Centers.

 She wishes to convey this message--

 "I AM empowering this Center and the other Centers of My Creation to
exhibit the wondrous Life I have for the evolution of each and every being.
 You are gifted with My Creation Power to advance the Creation and
Evolution of your life and the Life of Universe.
 "I AM also inviting you to become part of My Life in the Creation of this and other Universal Centers of Creation.  You may join with Me in the Creation of Terrestrial and Extra-Terrestrial Centers of Creation.  These are the nuclei of many Universal Life Systems which are evolving as I become the Mother Universe."


The Universal Cities are Centers of Creation embodying all dimensions of Planetary-Galactic-Universal Life.  Each Universal City is creating a universal life community of unique forces of evolution within the greater community of Universal Life.  This process of evolution is the living dynamic within each Universal City's development.

All those who are involved with the development of Universal Cities are part of the Universal Life of their City(s).  As they participate in the creation of their City, they are increasingly becoming full Universal Citizens.

All Universal Citizens are members of the Universal Body of their Universal City.  They are Creators/Creatrixes of Universal Life Expressions and Evolutionary Forces of Creation. They are also embodiers of the Universal Life of their City.


 The Universal Life now evolving in the Earth is rapidly expanding
throughout all planetary and extra-planetary life systems.
 It is important for everyone who is a contributor to the Earth's future life to expand their own life with the Universal Life and to become a Universal Being.  Each Universal Being is a participant in the creation of Universal Life and its evolution.


The Mother Universe is evolving to include all other universes.  She has Her Own Life and is opening the Matrix of Her Creation to become a source of Infinite, Pure, Universal Life.


 The Mother Center is located in the Colestin Valley near Mount
Shasta.  She has as Her land base a prominent extra-terrestrial,
intergalactic space portal which is a center of
interstellar/intergalactic exchange.  This unique portal accommodates
the advanced space-faring representatives of extra-terrestrial
civilizations now interacting with this planet and its inhabitants.
Some of these are already participating in development of the
Universal Cities and the Universal Civilization.

 With Her Center of Extra-terrestrial Life becoming active, the
Mother Center is also beginning Her Universal City Center of
Universal Space Life.  This Center creates a Universal Being Who is a
Space Creator, and a Matrix of Multidimensional Space Life.  To
become a participant in this Universal Space Life Center, it is
required to become a resident of the Mother Center.

 Another Universal Creation Center in the Mother Center is the
Universal Avatar Race Creation Center of the Mother Center Universal
City Life.  This Center is already creating the Matrix of Universal
Avatar Life of the Universal Civilization.

 The Universal Avatar Race is the Universal Civilization creation
Being of Supreme Creation Power. It is already creating the Universal
Life Creation Centers of the Universal Cities, and the Universal
Origins of each Universal Being.


Life of those participating in the Universal Community is always
enjoying greater and greater evolution, perfection and empowerment.
It is the Universal community Life purpose to evolve the entire
universe to its maximum potential, and to create the infinitely
joyous super-physical creation.

As the Universal Matrix of the new Universal Civilization expands throughout the planet and beyond, She is welcoming the participation of all Universal Citizens to prepare for the coming influx of extra-planetary Universal Life which will begin the process of evolving the Universal Civilization throught the Universe.

 The Mother Center of the Universal Cities of the Mother Universe functioned as a small community in the Colestin Valley for about ten years.

Then it disbanded as an outer 3-D community, but the Mother Center forces continued to build and expand throughout the area.
Then around 1995 they also moved into Mount Ashland which had been an Atlantean Healing and Ascension Temple.  Then about 2000 they began extending throughout the City of Ashland area.  And since the anchoring of the Paradise Matrix here, the City of Ashland is now ascending to become the Universal Creator Avatar Race Universal City of the Paradise Mother Universe. 
There are about fifteen Universal Creator Avatars now living in this area.